STEAG SCR-Tech, Inc.

Ammonia Systems

An integral part of an SCR system is its ammonia storage and supply system. STEAG SCR-Tech has designed and built ammonia systems since 1984 in support of the environmental controls on our German plants. Here in North America, we have provided our turnkey ammonia services since 1997.

STEAG SCR-Tech can support you through a complete ammonia system installation. Our service includes:

  • Storage and supply systems
    • Barge, rail and trucking unloading and transfer stations
    • Storage tanks and forwarding pump skids
    • Ammonia injection grids
    • Instrument air systems and static mixers
  • Detailed process engineering and conceptual designs
  • Component design and selection
  • Manufacturing and procurement
  • On-site construction, supervision and management
  • Ammonia and reagent consumption analysis
  • Year-round availability upgrading

For existing ammonia systems, STEAG SCR-Tech recommends yearly inspections, as well as annual performance assessments.

Anhydrous ammonia systems allow large quantities of ammonia to be stored on-site

Ammonia mixed with water is a cost-effective method of storing ammonia for use in your plant


Urea-based systems offer an easy way of storing reagent that is less volatile and non-toxic



Roger Glickert
Business Manager
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