STEAG SCR-Tech, Inc.

Know-how basedon experience

Engineering & Design

Since STEAG SCR-Tech’s first selective catalytic reduction system (SCR) was retrofitted to a coal-fired unit in 1986, STEAG SCR-Tech has accumulated experience with all types of plants burning all kinds of fuel. Our 25 years of experience operating SCRs and ammonia systems sets us apart.

For the North American market, STEAG SCR-Tech offers a full range of engineering and design services, including:

  • SCR system and equipment
  • Ammonia storage and supply systems
  • Catalyst design, selection and procurement
  • Catalyst loading and system planning
  • Limestone addition systems
  • On-site construction supervision and site management
  • Catalyst exchange logistics and planning
  • Large particle ash screens (see section for full details)

For more information, and examples of the utilities we have served, browse the testimonials on the sidebar.


Philip Elliott
Director of SCR Services
(704) 414-4641

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