STEAG SCR-Tech, Inc.

Flow Modeling

STEAG SCR-Tech performs computational flow modeling for a wide variety of applications, including SCRs, large particle ash screens and FGDs. This service takes into account a number of factors, including:

  • Flue gas flow
  • Temperature distribution
  • Ammonia and flue gas mixing
  • Fly ash distribution
  • Minimizing pressure drop

Flow modeling is especially important when there are multiple types of NOx control technology being used in a plant, to ensure that they all work together as cooperatively as possible.

STEAG SCR-Tech has conducted extensive modeling to examine the impact of large particle ash on SCR installations. As a result, modifications and/or additions can be made to areas like the economizer hopper, which allow for continuous and reliable SCR system and LPA screen operation.

In addition to physical flow models, STEAG SCR-Tech also performs computation fluid dynamic modeling. For more information about CFD modeling, click here.


Mark Ehrnschwender
Vice President
(704) 734-0688 x228

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