STEAG SCR-Tech, Inc.

Mercury Emission Control

Since April 2016, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) require a reduction in mercury by approximately 90% at coal- fired power plants. STEAG SCR-Tech offers process technology that can help your facility achieve and maintaining MATS compliance.

STEAG SCR-Tech amends the existing wet flue-gas desulfurization system (FGD) with the most cost-effective mercury re-emission control without contaminating fly ash and gypsum. This helps ensuring MATS compliance for air emissions.

Our technology captures absorbed, dissolved ionic mercury in the FGD scrubber slurry and removes it to the FGD wastewater treatment system, where it is selectively sequestered into a very small waste stream. This ensures compliance with the new Effluent Limit Guidelines (ELG).


Pairing both patented, complimentary technologies safely sequesters mercury and other regulated pollutants including arsenic, selenium and nitrates to levels below permissible MATS emission and ELG discharge limits.


Mark Ehrnschwender
Vice President
(704) 734-0688 x228

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