STEAG SCR-Tech, Inc.

SCR Management

STEAG SCR-Tech’s experience with over 2 million SCR operating hours has resulted in the development of our ‘perpetual cycle of SCR management.’ Each SCR outage represents an opportunity to learn more about operating conditions, resulting in improved performance and reliability, extended lifetime, and reduced O&M costs. Our cycle includes the following steps:

  • Visual reactor inspection and catalyst sampling
  • Maintenance of expansion joints and catalyst seals
  • Independent catalyst activity testing in our bench scale reactor
  • SO2/SO3 conversion rate testing in our bench scale reactor
  • Catalyst pressure drop measuring in our bench scale reactor
  • Determination of the main deactivation causes
  • Determination of opportunities (and limitations) for catalyst refurbishment
  • Documentation of deactivation causes and activity tracking
  • Development of catalyst management strategies

By following this list, STEAG SCR-Tech can help you get the most out of your SCR. Below are some of the subcategories that our services cover.

STEAG SCR-Tech recommends regular SCR inspection to verify good operation

Establishes initial and current catalyst performance parameters and chemical composition using our bench scale reactor


Measures pressure drop and SO2/SO3 conversion rates to ensure full operating potential

Minimizes ammonia slip and maximizes SCR effectiveness



Philip Elliott
Director of SCR Services
(704) 414-4641

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