STEAG SCR-Tech, Inc.

Selective Catalytic Reduction

STEAG SCR-Tech has managed selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems since 1986, following the passage of strict European laws on the emission of nitrogen oxides. STEAG SCR-Tech’s NOx reduction portfolio includes 21 high-dust, 1 low-dust and 6 tail-end SCRs, plus another 2 waste-to-energy tail-end SCRs.

By installing an SCR, a coal-fired power plant can significantly reduce the amount of NOx in the flue gas. The SCR is a large power plant add-on (often the size of a small house) with layers of modules that are coated with a chemical catalyst. As the flue gas containing NOx passes through the modules, the nitrogen oxides react with the catalyst and the presence of injected ammonia to form atmospheric nitrogen and water.

Over time, however, the catalyst becomes plugged with fly ash, and deactivation compounds like arsenic, calcium, potassium and phosphorus. That is where STEAG SCR-Tech’s patented regeneration process comes in. Our engineers determine the optimal chemicals to use, then strip and recoat the catalyst. This process allows us to deliver regenerated catalyst at a much lower cost than brand new catalyst, with no impact on its effectiveness.

STEAG SCR-Tech also provides management strategies to help optimize the SCR, so you know when the catalyst needs to be regenerated.

Our catalyst regeneration process takes your old, deactivated catalyst and makes it like new again

STEAG SCR-Tech offers a full range of services in SCR design and engineering


Predict the life of your catalyst with testing, tuning and sampling

Installing on-line catalyst cleaning equipment can safe you a lot of money

STEAG SCR-Tech's in-situ Ice Blasting provides a fast way to reduce pluggage

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